Swimming kids in Srinagar

Kashmir. A country I dreamed of seeing, and I took the chance during a trip to India and Nepal. Any type of trip to both Kashmir and Nepal is more unsafe now than back the, in 1999. After a few weeks it turned out  that Kashmir had not received the peace and security that the hardened people earned, not even then.

I escaped from one of the world’s most beautiful places on earth on an improvised bus ride, with some elements of drama. With me, I had the memory of the quiet paddle excursions around the town of  Shrinagars channels. The typical canoes Shikara glides noiselessly under low bridges and pretty wooden houses. A very nice way to see the city of course.

One morning I would, for example, paddle to te bread boat to buy freshly baked bread. This Friday morning three school children jumped in the water, just in front of the bow. The painting shows my memories of the children and the beautiful old houses facing the water.

Oil on canvas, 116 x 59 cm.