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The Fistuka Hospital Foundation

This spring I worked with - and now launched - a new website for the Swedish foundation for the Fistula Hospital.

The Fistula Hospital Foundation works to coordinate Swedish efforts for the hospital founded by Catherine and Reginald Hamlin in Ethiopia. The hospital operates and cares for women with birth injuries in Ethiopia.

I think it's a lot of fun to have been able to work on this assignment, largely pro bono. The client is the foundation, the people I worked with represent the political women's unions in Sweden, who are here collaborating for a very important cause, far from our country. I am deeply moved by what I learned during the work and how the hospital with donations makes a huge difference for vulnerable women.

I have designed, developed and programmed the website, as well as managed the content project. I will continue to help the foundation as a web editor going forward. A way to help.

Some pictures of the web design

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