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Web design & design

I am here to solve your needs - loaded with project methodology and design knowledge. Use me as your mini-agency, substitute in your own digital agency, in the marketing department or in the team you put together for the upcoming project. Ideas don't have to be ready when we hear from you. I help you sort, prioritize and overview the possibilities.

• Web design
• Graphic form
• Logos
• Interaction design and UX
• Development of websites and magazines

Design by your graphical profile your life's work your logo your website your organization your customer magazine your company

After 20 years as an art director at digital agencies, newspaper consulting agencies and in media houses, I continue to work as a self-employed person. Freelance with the option of choosing a gig and full freedom to control my time and yours for our work. Giger, nomad and right out in the new working life.

As an art director at magazines and as a consultant at web agencies with editorial clients. In addition to the newspapers' websites, I have had time to work on redesign projects, new businesses, pod radio and micropayments. 

When Karriär magazine succeeded Jusektidningen in 2015, I made the new logo, shape and typography. As art director, has also worked with Rheumatikervärlden, Karolinska hospital's staff magazine and Personnel & Leadership. When Biblioteksbladet's design and content strategy was developed in 2015, I was in charge of the redesign work and as a sounding board for the newspaper designer.

A micro agency

My business idea is simple. I strive to create well-made works for small and medium-sized companies. With an unprestigiously simple way of working for both you and me.

It also happens that I work as extra staff at other companies, in-house or at agencies. With UX, design and management. But mostly directly towards own customers.

If something is unique about me, it is that I have experience in all roles in a digital media agency.


(figures from Ekonomifakta.se, 2020)

When we work together, you will notice that I like to look towards the open sea. To see areas where your competitors flock and areas where your business gets room to maneuver, more space and own time with your market. I think the same for myself.

Many larger agencies aim to grow towards large prestigious assignments for large clients. Large customers are the purple and gray segments next door. There is money there, but there it is crowded, stressful and generally pressured. I know, I've been there.

But 99.4 % of Sweden's companies do not look like that. They are small and can feel a bit overlooked by the big dragons of suppliers. Do I get "face time"? Do they respond in a reasonable amount of time? Am I prioritized when their other customers call?

99.4 % of Sweden's companies have fewer than 50 employees. 72.2 % fewer than 10 employees. They feel best from collaborations with suppliers of a size that makes them feel seen and prioritized.

Preferably a freelancer in the middle of working life, with long experience, also from the big contexts. - That's me.

We help your company function visually

With buckets of experience concentrated in a small personal business. For you, it means a miniature digital agency. Simple and smart for both you and me.

Art director

Jonas Melcherson

UX designer

Jonas Melcherson


Redesign project manager

Jonas Melcherson

Senior frontend developer

Jonas Melcherson


Jonas Melcherson

Magazine designer

Jonas Melcherson

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