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• Oil paintings and gouache
• illustrations
• Orders for exhibitions and furnishings

From my studio in Lidingö outside Stockholm, I run a business as a visual artist. I run two businesses. The second is digital design and production of websites.

I often paint dramatic aspects of nature. How light shapes and highlights simple things and how the weather shapes landscapes and urban environments. For me, nature is a source of inspiration that never fades or becomes uninteresting.

You are happy to receive commissions with orders of art for homes, restaurants and office spaces. It usually starts with an initial discussion about the room as well as customers and taste. The art can be done in a style and manner that fits perfectly considering the room and the customer's taste and interior design style.


Premiere hanging of the new paintings from an inspiration trip to Lofoten in 2023.

Opening hours 25/11 – 1/12 2023:
Saturday 25 Nov
Sunday 26 Nov, 11:00-16:00
Weekdays 27 Nov-1 Dec 12:00-19:00

Lofoten Separate exhibition with new paintings from Lofoten H&M's mezzanine Lidingö 25 November – 1 December 2023

Lidingö Art Fair Pop-up collective exhibition, Lidingö 10-19 November 2023

Artist Arenas collective exhibition at Fabriken, Stockholm August-September 2023

Britt Paus Memorial Fund Travel Scholarship 2022 17/11 2022
(Study trip to Lofoten in 2023)

Nordic collective exhibition with Artportable 28/6 – 9/7 2020

Sea motifs exhibited at Vattenverket, Lidingö March to June 2020

Konstrundan on Lidingö March 2020 (cancelled)

Winter 2020 – most of the unsold collection leased to offices in Stockholm city.

Autumn Salon, Nov 2019

Gallery Svea
(Recontre, with Jaqueline Igelstedt)
Köpmannagatan 4, Stockholm 20 – 26 September 2019.

Art weekend at Lidingö, Elfvik March 2019.
Separate exhibition at Vattenverket March 2019.

Autumn salon on Lidingö, Dalenum pop-up art gallery Nov 2018.

The construction spirit at Österlen,
March – April 2018, in Brantevik.

Autumn salon at Lidingö, Galleri Fallera Nov-Dec 2017.

Separate exhibition, Högberga gallery Nov 2017.

Högberga farm Dec 2016 – July 2017.

Högberga gallery Nov 2016.

Elected to the Lidingö Artists Association December 2016

Education: Riddarfjärdsskolan/Grundis 1990 – 1991 (Painting, image communication, art history, graphics, sculpture).

Raised in Södermalm, Stockholm and now lives in Lidingö.

Slightly younger than now, I studied classical arts such as painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, visual communication and art history. Work as a graphic designer took at and and since 15-20 years I am mainly hired for designing digital media. The profession is usually called web designer. I design web and print magazines, company websites, e-commerce and visual identity for companies. 2010-2015 I worked more with management and business development as CEO.

In 2015, I took a long break from the intensive working life in the media industry. In such situations, you get time to look around. I then realized that I longed to return to the creative work of my previous career. Not only did I miss the creativity of web design, I also missed the art.

When I started to show my paintings, it soon became clear that they were very much appreciated. I received requests to purchase the paintings I had done for relaxation and received a few new orders.

For over 20 years as a graphic designer and digital I have maintained my painting in my spare time. Nothing more than that, unfortunately. From September 2016 I continue my career as a freelance designer and thus I get an opportunity to devote more time to art.

With me I have experience in large design projects and an ability to organize creative work. After a long career where I presented and got paid for creative work on a daily basis, I have a strong sense of how my work is perceived. I am used to organizing and structuring the process to reach a high level within budget and timelines. Experiences that reasonably provide charter and guidance in an artist's activity. Skills I probably wouldn't have acquired if I had started my artistic career straight after art school.

The company

Name: Jonas Melcherson Artist (individual business).
Address: Nautilusvägen 7, 18166 Lidingö
Contact: +46706790996 or mail@jonasmecherson.com

(Separated from my limited company)