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Websites, apps, user journey and an updated graphical profile for Cooach

12 April 2023

Websites, apps, user journey and an updated graphical profile for Cooach

During the winter, we, a team spread across Europe, worked intensively on creating a user journey towards an incredibly interesting world.

Cooach offers services that you both recognize and don't. A whole portfolio of services that can be easily summed up as – everything you need for growth in your company. You focus on what you started the company to do. Cooach supports you with support functions at the highest level, packaged and scalable for small and medium-sized companies on the way up.

Since last year, I have acted as the company's designer, freelance of course. One of about 80 giggers. The teams are corporate lawyers, financial managers, HR experts, marketers and specialists in customer insight. All are relatively senior and inject a wealth of experience into the business and its growing client companies.

In November I set an updated graphic profile for the company and during January-March this year I took care of everything visual when we developed a new platform for purchasing these services digitally, with onboarding through single sign-on and purchasing administration services, CFO, CMO and other key roles for your company at the level you need, down to hourly. All this can be clicked home in the portal's shop. And in all situations you also have a personal contact in convenient and flexible online tools.

I see this design assignment as one of the most fun projects I've done. To formulate and visualize a type of buying process that has not been done before by anyone. With a carefully updated graphic profile and color palette and, for a change, standard fonts from Google Fonts instead of my Greek and Spanish favorites among font designers. Less arty perhaps, but it works.

With Cooach, you can now seriously build your company as a primarily digital workplace. No loose ends. Everything from HR, Finance, financing, corporate law - to modern, digitally driven and sales-oriented marketing is included. A complete company, completely digital and incredibly flexible.

Here is the website – explore it!

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