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Redesign of Ask the Pharmacist

The web service where everyone can ask questions to a licensed pharmacist and where you also get a generous archive of questions and answers about everything related to drugs for users, medication, side effects and natural remedies.

The pharmacist who answers the questions is Fredrik Hed, a friend of mine from our previous joint assignment for the Rheumatism Association.

I didn't hesitate for a second when Fredrik asked if I could consider taking on the web service, considering that the budget for a redesign was tight. I showed that we would have a smooth collaboration and we agreed from the start on what we were going to do.

The redesign is largely done through prioritizing fewer focal points. The most important matters for a visitor stand out and the visual contrasts added to the design are there to guide the eye right.

That's really all. The result is a much cleaner and brighter experience without removing anything of importance. Well, I made a new logo too.

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