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Graphical profile for NOX

Logo, graphic profile, new website and powerpoint templates
18 December 2018

Graphical profile for NOX

Logo, graphic profile, new website and powerpoint templates

This is NOX's new graphical profile. New logo and a new visual appeal – on all levels. Bright, unique and unlike anything else in the NOX industry.

I have helped NOX from logo and font selection to graphic style and production of a new website, templates for all Office programs, social media channels and all other communications.

The logo

The work on the logo has worn out about twenty more or less fantastic ideas. Many of them really, really good - up to the point when Madeleine Harju and I at NOX were sitting late one Friday afternoon in the company's old premises on Oxtorgsgatan. Then I got grain of something in the back of my head. What emerged was a completely irregular, hand-drawn word picture, nothing lined up, the X hanging too high in the air above the O - and we loved it from the first second.

The offset optical center point also makes it difficult to center it mechanically. It simply has too much charisma for that, we tend to say.


We combine the fonts Geomanist and Playfair. The combination with the Playfair series from Google fonts is a nice match and gives us many opportunities to really take advantage of when we create word images that highlight strong messages.

Geomanist is most important. The style has an appealing shape, clean and elegant, with a combination of geometric shapes and humanistic rhythm. Geomanist is created by Atipo, a small studio of Spanish creators Raúl García del Pomar and Ismael González. The beautiful font is available in 18 styles – from the elegant and delicate thin weight Thin to the extremely strong Ultra weight. Combining them and playing with the contrasts, the odd x-height and the warm shapes is a pleasure. Kerning goes like a dance – the ligatures are numerous and extremely well done.

Graphics profile – the colors and graphics

The graphic is a rhythm, a beat that pulsates from the logo. or from a cloud which is itself an expanded puffy and fluffy silhouette of the logo. Or from the heart – passion, love and trust is an attitude that takes place among the absolute core values of NOX. Visit them on Brahegatan and you will understand. Not just because they occasionally exclaim Amore!

Example from the new design

The graphics pulse. Both the inner fully colored surface and the rings radiating from it.

New website

Created in Squarespace and the hub of the company's new look. 

In addition, with a number of nice tricks in the interface.

About NOX

Giving NOX a new graphical profile. Imagine, very fun - and inspiring - because I myself am in the middle of the target group for the company's future vision. The results of the work will be rolled out during September and have received a very warm reception.

NOX helps both self-employed people and ordering companies in need of really good skills. NOX does a lot to build the labor market of the future by improving the market for self-employed people and all individuals who dream of freedom as a self-employed person, gig-er, senior advisor, entrepreneur or freelancer in IT and digitization in general.

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