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Graphical profile and website for Elera

This is Elera. A new consulting organization on Lidingö. Elera helps customers with accounting and business advice. I am proud to have created the company's graphic profile. A pleasant and downright smooth process.

The assignment has included:

Web (Design, UX, coding) Business cards and graphic material

Templates for the Office programs

Social media channels

The website

is designed to show the breadth of the company's offering. From classic and robust reporting by authorized, experienced consultants to digital curiosity and qualified new services in business consulting.

The logo

is hand-drawn in Adobe Illustrator and rendered in the company's color scale. We have chosen to use the entire scale for different contexts, as the logo is so strong that it is easy to recognize even with a slightly more playful use.


The Bariol font can be described as a modern typewriter style. It is published by the font studio Atipo. The typography is rounded, slightly condensed and friendly without being overly cute, It is very readable, even at small sizes thanks to its well-balanced open shapes, x-height and simple construction. Fits nicely for Elera. 

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