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Commissioned art

That way you get a perfect picture for your wall

The process is very similar on how to order craft work or design projects.

Start by booking an initial meeting or send me an email with your thoughts, ideas and needs.

It is also perfectly possible to visit me at Södra Kungsvägen 210 c, Lidingö.

Pricing for commissioned works of art is always clear and predetermined before the work begins and is generally determined by the complexity of the subject and the size of the image.

Lately I have done work for homes and restaurant premises. Unique images created after a mutual exchange of ideas where the client had several opportunities to contribute thoughts.

Forest for the Johansson family's newly furnished living room

That special feeling of Gothenburg's archipelago - as a fifty-year present.

Stock wall in the restaurant at the conference hotel Skogshem & Wijk

Abstractscape made for the newly decorated living room

Oil painting that brings mountain nature into the family dining room

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