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First of all, thank you very much for choosing to work with me

You make it possible for me to work in a sustainable way, with the opportunity to travel smarter and to combine design projects with art, my two businesses. I do my utmost to give back in every delivery. // Jonas


After 20 years at digital agencies and in media houses, I have been working as a self-employed person since 2016. A freelancer loaded with a whole career's worth of experience - and with full freedom to control my time and yours for our joint work. 

• Web design
• Graphic form
• Logos
• Interaction design and UX
• Development of websites and magazines.


Since 2016, I have also been active as an artist. Or Künstler, it has a better stun I think, feels more Knackisch. The combination of design in digital form with large canvases and fragrant paint is perfect – for me – and it creates a resonance that enhances each area.

• Oil paintings and gouache
• Orders for exhibitions and furnishings.
• illustrations


Logo, graphic profile, website and marketing materials for The Corner housing project

Gold in the Digital Annual Report of the Year category – for the second year in a row!

Digital annual report for the cooperative association on behalf of Vi Media.

Öhman event's new style

Welcome to Stockholm Jordan Belfort - here is your graphic profile during the visit

A mission from Öhman Events, which brings Jordan, The Wolf of Wall Street to Stockholm and a full day on the fine stage Cirkus. I have made a graphic concept, pictures with a lovely cinema poster feel and this web plate.

Fast and smooth redesign of the Artificial Solutions website

No weirdness, no big sweeps. A simple lift of the company's online presence.

Sweden's best Digital annual report 2020

Thank you for a very smooth collaboration Pär Ek and Markus Wilhelmson. We were cool all the way and crossed the finish line with full focus. KF's digital annual report turned out really, really well.

Hello and thanks for the meeting. 
I am so grateful that I came into contact with you. This feels really good!


With only half a day's work, Unum Tax got a seriously fresh news section for its site. About one swipe down on the home page.

Unum Tax launched with logo, graphic profile and website

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